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View of Bishop Peak from Cal Poly's
(Stenner Creek Road)

Project Overview


Bishop Peak Trail and The Felsman Loop
are heavily used by the general public.

Because of deed restrictions, high usage, and narrow trails, and for the safety of others,
we are asking you to follow the following rules:

Hikers, Runners and Climbers only on these trails
Please stay on existing trails
Do not cut switchbacks! This causes erosion
Do not remove protective fencing
Enjoy yourself and have a good time, but not at the expense of others.
Report any vandalism to the SLO Parks Department, 781-7302



The Sierra Club has worked for the past five years to create the 360-acre Bishop Peak Preserve encompassing all flanks of Bishop Peak. On March 2, 1998, these acquisitions were completed. We will now be working to extend the existing trail system and repair damaged habitat.

We have already constructed the first phases of the new trail system by establishing a trailhead on Patricia Drive (preferred), and a neighborhood access point at the end of Highland Drive.  These trails offer a great experience with little effort. Check the Hiking Trails of California's Central Coast for more information and directions to the trailheads.

Trail construction was completed on June 1, 1999. The Bishop Peak Trail and the Felsman Loop are now connected and accessible from the Patricia Drive Trailhead. In October 1998, the CCC started construction of the Bishop Trail to the very top, with the help of the Sierra Club. A formal dedication was held March 5, 1999. Trail construction on this trail was supported by grant funding and volunteer labor. Construction crews consist of the California Conservation Corps. (CCC), California Department of Forestry (CDF), Sierra Club and other volunteer organizations. This trail will be much easier than the climb to Bishop Peak.

The Felsman Loop is a 2.7-mile trail, exploring the lower reaches of Bishop Peak has been completed, except for a couple of bridges, water control. Most of the signage is now in place making it easier to find your way around. The only signage that is not in place are for the connecting trails for "Falcon Ridge" and "Shady Grove", which interconnect to different areas of the Felsman Loop. This trail is being constructed by local volunteers coordinated by the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club  Trail Watch Volunteers, and help from the California Department of Forestry (CDF). Guidance for this project is being provided by Neil Havlik, City of SLO Natural Resource Manager, and Gary Felsman, a local Sierra Club volunteer. A Pedestrian Gate has been installed making it easier to cross the barbed wire fencing between the Ferrini Open Space Area nd the Bunnell Ranch Parcel. Signage is in progress to enable visitors to enjoy the area without getting lost.

The Bishop Peak Trail is 2.2 miles from Patricia Drive. It was constructed by the California Conservation Corps (CCC), and the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club. It is a great experience for all to enjoy. Plaques have been placed a long the route to acknowledge those who donated land to the cause. The trail itself etends over four different parcels before reaching the top.   They are the Ferrini Open Space, the Bunnel Ranch, Gnesa Family, and Madonna Family have all contributed land for this project to be completed.

View from Bishop Peak Trail
Trail Crews working on Bishop Peak Trail

Climbers Access is also being addressed. We are in the process of determining where a few short sections of trail can be constructed to access the climbing areas. We have already improved on climber's access point.

We will need volunteers to help us build the trail and no experience is necessary we encourage everyone to participate in the project, and enjoy the company as we work to improve the surrounding area.

For more information or to volunteer contact Gary Felsman (805-549-0532), or e-mail

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