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Welcome to the Hiking Trails on California's Central Coast. The purpose of this page is to raise the awareness of our surrounding trail system and to give you ideas on where to explore in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties. This is not complete list of all trails in our area. In addition, this only brief descriptions of the trails covered. The list will continue to grow as time permits.

Trail Conditions

We are trying to keep up with current trail conditions whenever possible. Current or last know trail conditions are posted at the end of each trail description. If you have information on a particular trail you can send it to me via e-mail We post updates regularly.

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Hiking Trails

    Monterey County San Luis Obispo County Santa Barbara County
    [Arroyo Seco Trail Crew]
    Trail Crew working on the 
    Arroyo Seco Trail,
    in the Ventana Wilderness
    Selby Rock near the 
    Guy L. Goodwin
    Education Center 
    in the Carrizo Plains
    Historic Dabney Cabin on Manzana Creek.
    The cabin is maintained by the 
    Los Padres Chapter of the 
    Sierra Club
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Trails of Santa Barbara County

    The Historic Dabney Cabin, located on Manzana Creek.
    The cabin is maintained by the 
    Los Padres Chapter of the Sierra Club

    Figueroa Mountain Recreation Area

    The Fiqueroa Mountain Recreation Area has lots to offer the outdoor enthusiast. From Camping high on the mountains slopes to many hiking trails. Including: Ballard Trail down to Ballard Camp. Davy Brown Trail to Sunset Camp, and many others

    Figueroa Mountain Zaca Ridge Loop

    This hike is spectacular for the experienced hiker. Starting At Tunnel and Figueroa Mountain  road, turning left onto Catway Road, then continuing to Zaca Peak Road. This portion of the hike offers great views of the San Rafael Wilderness, the Santa Ynez Valley, Mount Pinos, Hurricane Deck and the Sierra Madre Range. Turning left on Zaca Peak Road, you travel about 1/4 to 1/2 mile and look for a trail on the left. If you reach the base of Zaca Peak you have gone to far. If you find the trail, it descends 1000 feet to an open meadow making it a great lunch spot. from there the trail descends another 1000 feet to Old Ballard camp Trail junction. Turn left here and Hike two miles and climb 1200 feet  back to your starting point.

    Directions to trailhead: From San Luis Obispo drive south on Highway 101 sixty miles. Turn left on to Highway 154 and drive about three miles to Los Olivos. Turn left onto Figueroa Mountain Road and drive about 13 mile to the junction of Tunnel Road and Figueroa Mountain Road. The trail down to Ballard Camp is on the north side of the road.
    A $5.00 Adventure Pass is required to park at this trailhead.

    NOTE: As of August 1998, the 1/2 mile of trail from upper Ballard Camp to lower Ballard Camp Trail Junction is still almost completely washed out. The trail from lower Ballard Camp Trail junction until you start climbing up to Zaca Peak Road is also washed out. Follow the creek beds to stay on the trail and out of the Poison Oak.

    Call the Santa Maria U.S. Forest Service at (805)925-9538 for the latest information and ask them to repair the trail.

  • Manzana Creek to Dabney Cabin

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Who to Contact

Los Padres National Forest Monterey County
    U.S. Forest Service
    Monterey Ranger District
    406 S. Mildred Avenue
    King City, CA 93930

    Los Padres National Forest San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties

    U.S. Forest Service
    Santa Lucia Ranger District
    1515 Carlotti Drive
    Santa Maria, CA 93454

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Last updated 1 July 2001.
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Explore, Enjoy and Protect - Santa Lucia Chapter hike in Machesna Wilderness
Machesna Wilderness hike
April 2002
Photo by Gary Felsman